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LLC North-Caucasian Procurement Company a limited liability company has possibility to deliver on the October, 2016 Milling Wheat 3, 4 and 5 grade, Feed Barley, Feed Corn, Peas, Chick Peas, Lentil (a crop of 2016 year) on the terms of FOB basis one safe berth, one safe Russian port on the Azov sea, Black sea, Caspian sea (INCOTERMS 20l0) to be delivered by 3000-5000 MT vessels, 20, 40-ft container in monthly standard item 1000 - 100000 МТ.

Minimum quantity of the contract: 1000 МТ.

Loading rate: 1500 MT WWD SSHEX eiu.

Origin: Southern federal district Russian Federation.

Quality indicators: According to GOST, ISO.

Inspection: By SGS or equivalent at loading port to be GAFTA approved at Seller's option. Buyer is rightful to nominate surveyor at loading at his own account.

Packing: In bulk.

Documents: Full set of international standard.

Terms of payment : 100% irrevocable, transferable, l / C at loading port against SGS documents.

Peas, Namely:

Moisture: 14%, max Foreign matters: 2%, max

Grain admixture: 4%, max. (including the seeds of other varieties)

Damaged grains: 5% max. (including the 1% damage bruhus)

Peas have always been the most popular of leguminous plants in Russia : it is easy to grow, harvest it gives a rich, nourishes fine and does not require complicated cooking. In addition, in our country it has long been known the healing properties of peas , which are due to its rich composition: it is a lot of nutrients, but it is especially characterized by the amount of vitamins and minerals , including rare.

How useful peas

As a source of protein peas is good enough to replace meat, in this case it is much better digested , absorbed and does not bring harm to the body that we often get from animal products.

Peas are useful for those who lead an active lifestyle and engaged in physical work - it helps the body to carry the load by supplying it with energy, and increases efficiency. Natural sugars found in some varieties of peas, improve memory and brain activity.

Eating peas also contributes to the normal operation of the digestive system , it helps get rid of heartburn and bowels problems.

Peas - a natural product, in which a lot of antioxidants , and it is important not only for internal health, but also for the health of skin and hair , and then - for the beauty.

Pea Regular use reduces the risk of cancer , stimulates regeneration processes in tissues and organs.

No wonder peas are always among the products recommended for use during long Christian blog: thanks to a large number of useful and nutritious protein, it provides the body with all the necessary, and allows for a long time to go without protein foods of animal origin.

Essential amino acids in the protein peas almost as much as in the protein of meat; . there are many vegetable fat and starch, fiber and beneficial enzymes Peas knowingly takes, among other crops leading position on the energy consumption and nutritional value - is only a closer look at its structure, and it becomes clear why.

Характеристики PEAS

  • — Страна производитель: Россия
  • — Бренд: LLC North-Caucasian Procurement Company

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Плюсы «Северо - Кавказская Заготовительная Контора, ООО»:

  • гарантия качества и четкое выполнение взятых обязательств;
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Технические сведения:

  • дата размещения объявления: 19.07.2017;
  • последнее изменение сведений – 19.07.2017;
  • 16 – именно такое число посетителей обратило внимание на предложение за все это время. И каждый день это число растет;
  • вы можете посмотреть «PEAS» в разделах «Сельхозпродукция, сырье, агрохимия, техника», «Зерновые, масличные, бобовые и крупяные культуры», «Бобовые культуры», «Горох».

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PEAS купить по телефону +7(918)864-66-77, +7(8652)33-32-33

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